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Malia, Crete, Greece
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

Shops & Business

Sarris Jewellers


Sarris Jewellery can be found on Grammatikaki Street, near Zorbas Taverna

Deadalus Jewellary

Deadalus Jewellary,

Art Daedalus a unique jewellery in Malia. In the old village opposite the Toto Loto restaurant. Check out the website to see the fantastic jewellery we offer

Malia Creta Market

Malia Creta Market,

The Malia Creta Market is situated just off the crossroads in the centre of Malia opposite Help Bar. This lovely supermarket sells alcohol, cigarettes, food and soft drinks, so probably everything you will need for your holiday!

Angel Clothes Shop


Angel Fashion can be found on Grammatikaki Street, Malia

Sol SuperMarket

Sol SuperMarket,

Sol Supermarket is either the First or the Last Store on Beach Road in Malia, it is the first shop you come too from the beach, available inside is a wide selection of food, drinks, cigarettes and gifts.

Aquarius Super Market


Aquarius can be found on Beach Road, Malia, opposite McDonalds

Ria Supermarket

Ria Supermarket ,

The Ria Supermarket is to the front of the Villa Ria Apartments, it stocks everything you will need for your self catering holiday from newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, phone cards, drinks, fresh fruits, bakery, sea accessories to money exchange.

Gemini Supermarket

Gemini Supermarket ,

The Gemini Supermarket fronts the lovely Lu Ellen Apartments situated in Malia old village. Everything you need for an enjoyable stay in and around the Lu Ellen can be brought from Gemini.