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Malia, Crete, Greece
The complete guide to Malia, Crete, Greece

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We have something for everyone, gluten free greek, vegerterian, fast food, indian, mexican, greek, chinese
We recommend trying difference places each night in different locations. You can eat by the port and enjoy traditional sea food. Why not try the old village where you can feel the history of Malia while you eat in Malia's famous old Village. Try the main road for a many different options, such as Indian, Mexican, West Indian, Chinese, Greek and Modern European as well as famous chains, such as Mcdonalds, Subway. If you have any special diet needs, we have a number of restaurants with qualified chefs to meet you needs, for Vegetarian and Gluten Free meals

Argo Restaurant

Argo Restaurant,

Welcome to the Argo Restaurtant located on the border between Malia and Stalis, we offer the more refined Greek Dishes. We have a beautiful restaurant located just a few mins walk from the sea. Here we have the best staff to make your stay perfect

Gregory's Fast Food - 'One of the famous Greek Fast Food Chains'

Gregory's Fast Food,

Anemone Taverna

Anemone Taverna,

Excellent tavenra in the old village. Well worth a visit while in Malia. Very good food and recommended by many locals. Anemone offers Greek and International menu, with friendly staff and a nice location this is the perfect place to eat.

Malia Star Taverna

Malia Star Taverna ,

Choose from various types of breakfast, tasty lunches and delicious dinners, the atmosphere within the taverna is of a Cretan family's friendly hospitality and is decorated in a typical Greek style.

Petrinos Inn Restaurant

Petrinos Inn Restaurant ,

Petrino's Inn is a restaurant which can be found in Malia Old Village,

Symposium Restaurant

Symposium Restaurant,

The Symposium Restaurant Taverna is situated on the beach road between Malia and Stalis, near to the McDonalds cross roads. This lovely taverna serves a wide variety of Greek dishes, all cooked to perfection.

Kalypso Taverna

Kalypso Taverna,

The Kalypso Taverna can be found on Grammatikaki St, the road that runs from Malia to Stalis parallel to the beach. This atmospheric taverna serves traditionally cooked Cretan food, that is a delight to eat.

Union Jack Pub

Union Jack Pub,

Union Jack Pub, has without any doubt the biggest and best TV reception in the whole of Greece. What ever you want to watch, we will have it. Come and check us out, we can give you BBC, East Enders, Sky, what ever you like.