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Malia, Crete, Greece
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Malia 2004, was simply unforgettable not only for Malia, but for the whole of Greece. By the end of 2004, Greece won the UEFA 2004 European Championship, won the Euro song contest, hosted the Olympics. SunJunkee was the camera man this season

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Malia 2005, Malia was simple rammed from April until the end of October. With 16000 party go'ers hitting Beach Road every night, it was simple one big party. You could not tell where one bar ended and the next one started

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Malia 2006, was an Amazing Summer, started in April and did not Finish the first week of November. This was the summer that nearly never ended, and the whole of Malia made there way to Kind Cross 'La Skala' for an amazing reunion organised by DJ Strong

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