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Malia, Crete, Greece
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When does the main tourism season start each year?
The main tourism season starts about mid June and will re11main busy until about the 3rd week in September
How Many large Night Clubs are there in Malia?
There are around 15 large night clubs open in the main season, most of which are hosting large events most nights in July and August. In the last 10 most european and some world class DJs have performed in Malia - Check this list for more details - Club List
I want to work in Malia next year, where do I start?
Working in Malia is actually very simple, please refer to our guide for more information. Workers Guide
Is English understood in the resort?
English is understood through out the resort.
Where is the Old Village
To get to the old village take any of the roads that lead off the main road towards the mountains.
How many people live in there?
3,500 people live in Malia throughout the year.s
Where are the bus stops?
The bus stops are on the main road, one near the Vodafone shop goes to Heraklion and the one going to Agios Nikolaos is outside Mr Sandwich.
Where can I get a taxi from?
The taxi rank is on the main road, outside the big church.
What type of plugs do I need?
The power supply is 220v and you will need 2 round pin plus - Adaptors are available in the local shops
Are there banks?
There are 5 banks in Malia, all situated on the main road, they are normally open from 8am until 2pm.
Where is the post office?
The post office is on the main road on the left hand side when walking toward Heraklion. It is open from 8am until 2pm
Can I drink the water?
Yes the water is drinkable, however it is slightly different to English water so it is recommended that you drink bottled water
Is there a church I can go to?
The large church on the main road is open for worship. There are many smaller churches throughout the village, these are only open on certain days through out the year
Do the shops close for siesta?
No the majority of shops, restaurants are open all day.
Are there any clubs in the resort ?
There are many clubs in Malia, situated along the 2 roads leading down to the beach.
Are watersports available on the beach?
Yes there are a wide variety of watersports available
Can I hire a car, quad, scooter?
There are many places throughout the resort where you can hire a car, scooter or quad. Please ensure that you get proper insurance before driving them.
What is the night life like?
In Malia the night life is amazing there are loads of bars and clubs where you can drink and dance till the early hours of the morning
What type of restaurants are there?
Everything is available in Malia, they range from cafes and take aways to nice restaurants.
Is there a football pitch for tourists to use?
Yes there is a sports facility on the road behind the strip.
Is there a gym?
There is a gym in the Royal Heights Hotel right at the top of Malia in the hills.
Is there a dive centre?
The nearest dive centre is in Hersonissos near the Creta Maris Hotel